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Personalized Contact Lens Fittings

Ready for the perfect fit? It starts with a contact lens fitting at ReFocus Eye Health. Our team assesses your eyes’ unique shape and prescription to find the ideal match. You’ll leave with lenses that feel like they were made just for you.

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Why Are Contact Lens Fittings Important?

Contact lens fittings are crucial because they ensure your lenses are tailored to your eyes, promoting comfort and clear vision. An accurate fit prevents discomfort, dryness, and eye irritation, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of contact lenses without any hassles.

What Does the Contact Lens Process Entail?

Obtaining contact lenses involves several essential steps, including:

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Your eye doctor assesses your eye health during your initial consultation and discusses your vision and lifestyle needs.

arrow-circle-right-3 arrow-circle-right-3-light Prescription

If contact lenses are suitable, your eye doctor determines your prescription to ensure your lenses correct your vision accurately.

arrow-circle-right-3 arrow-circle-right-3-light Contact Lens Fitting

Your eye doctor will conduct a contact lens fitting to find your eyes' ideal lens type and size.

arrow-circle-right-3 arrow-circle-right-3-light Trial Period

You'll be given a trial pair for a specified period. This allows adjustments to be made and ensures your comfort.

arrow-circle-right-3 arrow-circle-right-3-light Education and Care

You’ll be educated on proper lens care, hygiene, and insertion and removal techniques to ensure safe and effective use.

arrow-circle-right-3 arrow-circle-right-3-light Follow-up Care

Regular follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor your eye health and address any concerns.

Experience Seamless Contact Lens Fittings in Camden

Our contact lens fittings are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Our team follows a precise contact lens fitting procedure, ensuring your lenses are tailored to your needs. Typically, contact lens fittings take about 30–45 minutes, depending on your specific requirements. Whether you’re new to contacts or looking for an upgrade, the ReFocus Eye Health team is here to make the experience smooth and enjoyable.

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